How to Play

Steps to be understood before proceeding:

  • Check out the video or text shown on the top half of the screen. You will have 4 options to choose from at the bottom of you screen for your answer!

  • All quiz questions are timed, so keep an eye on that timer! If you haven't answered by the time the timer reaches '0' zero, you're eliminated. You can still watch the rest of the quiz, but you will not be able to play and answer any more questions. Good Luck!

  • If you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you'll be emailed a certificate. The certificate could be a simple 'thank you' or a prize for winning! NOTE: Prizes/winnings do not hold any dollar value. They are discount coupons.

  • Thank You and Good Luck! You are already a Winner :) Mr. Paradise

The next screen would be the video showing the hints to your quiz, Please pay attention!